Char helped to develop and then teach the Introduction to Logistics course for Lake Michigan College students. She was an enthusiastic teacher and worked hard to present the content so that students understood and appreciated the work to be done in the logistics field.

Gloria Winn, Lake Michigan College

Her high energy and encouragement are truly motivating. Char leads by example with her work ethic, attention to detail, and business knowledge. She drives execution and delivers extraordinary results.

Meera Gursahaney, Whirlpool Corporation

I hired Char because I needed results quickly. I was in the midst of standing up a new team responsible for critical business analysis, and Char’s tenacity and vision were direct contributors to our success. Within weeks Char’s entrepreneurial mindset and thought leadership enabled us to establish clear processes and defined workflows.  I hand-picked Char to develop and deploy a comprehensive training program for several of our most-used performance measurement tools. She delivered this material with resounding success to hundreds of colleagues, including our Director-level leadership, at multiple operating locations. She has established herself as a subject matter expert and “go-to” colleague for supply planning processes.

Jeremy Howe, Whirlpool Corporation

Char has been a key reason for the success of our project. Her intuition and initiative have resulted in us being able to fully trust her to complete complex tasks with almost no oversight and still yield results well above our expectations!

Christopher Schutrop, Stock & Barrel Gun Club