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Racism, the Opioid Endemic, Lies, and Inviting Grandma to the Dispensary

In this book, fortune 500 business and cannabis executive, Charlena Berry, exposes ugly truths inherently tied to the industry and provides business strategies for cannabis retailers to win in the marketplace.


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Who should read Breaking the Stigma?

Breaking the Stigma is for individuals within and outside the cannabis industry who are looking to understand the racist history of the prohibition of cannabis, how it relates to the Opioid Endemic, are looking for business strategies to become better cannabis retailers, or if you are in a position to shape public policy regarding cannabis legislation. 

This book is a "must-read" if:


  • You are an existing or future cannabis dispensary owner, operation manager, or budtender who is looking to progress your career in cannabis. 

  • You are interested in the racist history of cannabis prohibition and are looking to understand why social equity matters. 

  • You are curious about or have been impacted by the Opioid Endemic and want to understand the long-term implications of making cannabis accessible. 

  • You are responsible for shaping public policy around cannabis rules and regulations.

  • You are trying to release the thoughts drilled into our head by the "Just say no" campaigns. 

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