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          Located in Boca Raton, Florida, Charlena Berry serves as a domestic and international consultant assisting new companies gain entrance into the cannabis industry.  She is passionate about helping small businesses grow by helping them write business plans, process documents, investor pitch decks, conduct market research, and evaluate IT solutions.

          Char holds a Master of Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University and has more than 12 years’ experience working for Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing and retail sectors. She served at Whirlpool Corporation, in several roles including Supply Chain Manager where she oversaw functions of inventory, transportation, distribution, and reporting. She was also a key player for company integration during the Whirlpool/Maytag merger. 

          She relocated to Florida in 2011 to work at Office Depot Corporation as Senior Supply Chain Program Manager. In this role, she managed the company Inventory Optimization Program which was responsible for complex system enhancements, new software development, and process improvement initiatives.  Transitioning to retail operations during the Office Depot / OfficeMax merger, her most notable career highlight includes planning and executing large scale merger efforts to transition 693 OfficeMax retail stores to the Office Depot Point of Sales System. This was a $44M project that was completed in a record 18 months.  From there she transitioned to the Omni-Channel sales manager overseeing over $300M in eCommerce/retail business.


          Transitioning to the Cannabis Industry in 2016, Char now operates a successful boutique cannabis consulting firm, Cannabis Business Growth and is partnered with Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers. With 3 years under her belt, she has assisted more than 140 clients in compliance, licensing, and business strategy.  

          In the State of California, Charlena has spent the last 3 years working with cannabis start-ups to gain licensure. She has drafted business plans and cannabis license applications for Cultivators, Manufacturer’s, Storefront and Non-Storefront Retails, and Test Laboratories. With this experience, she guides these companies through industry best practices for planning, compliance, and strategy. 
Overseeing projects that range from $300K to more the $3M, she’s regarded by her peers as an industry expert that consults clients on industry best practices.  

          Char boasts winning licenses for clients in the cities of Commerce (non-storefront delivery), Long Beach (micro-business), Montebello (non-storefront delivery, micro-business), Sacramento (micro-business), Nevada City (non-volatile manufacturing), Seaside (storefront retailer), San Bernardino (micro-business), Vista (retailer), and Moreno Valley (storefront retailer). 

          A native to the State of Michigan, she has also partnered with clients to obtain licensing for clients in the cities of Muskegon Heights (cultivation & processing), Niles (retail), Harvest Park (cultivation), and Lansing (secure transport).  Here she has also spoken to local city councils on a number of occasions about legalizing cannabis in their city. Recreational marijuana went into effect in Michigan on December 6, 2018. 

          To further diversify her portfolio, Char has worked internationally with licensing projects in the new recreational Canadian markets of the Northwest Territory, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  

          Finally, Char has been engaged to prepare regulatory frameworks for the Island of Dominica in the Caribbean and consult with the Zimbabwe Government.  In one of her most exotic experiences, she was invented by the Minister of Health and Child Care in Zimbabwe to present on behalf of her client, Autumn Skies Private Ltd, to the Medicinal Cannabis Steering Committee.  This included educating the Zimbabwe cabinet on cannabis licensing, regulatory policies, and economic strategy.  

          It is important to note that Zimbabwe is the 2nd country in Africa to legalize cannabis production after Lesotho.  She is excited to announce that in December of 2018, Autumn Skies was issued one of 6 licenses in Zimbabwe and is in planning phase to begin construction.



Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Call: 269-208-7918

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