Charlena Berry became an Emancipated Minor in 1996. This means that she legally severed the ties between her and her parents. While working and attending high school, she was fortunate enough to have a community of mentors that guided her through the complicated college application and scholarship process so that she could continue her education. 


We believe it is important to help others by providing support to those who are in need. Growing up not everyone is offered the same chances and we want to provide support students who want to go to college but are lost in the paperwork. We are looking to help homeless youth, emancipated minors, and foster children who would like to go to college.  Professional Services with Char will offer the following services to qualifying students:

  • Review of college applications 

  • Assistance in finding scholarships 

  • Editing of scholarship applications

  • General mentoring and advice 

If you are looking for these services, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible! We are genuinely excited to hear from you!  ​If you would like to help review applications or become a mentor, please also use the form below! 


We are looking forward to hearing from you! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch ASAP!


Disclaimer: We do not offer legal advice and can make no guarantees of acceptance into your targetted institution. We can provide a free review of your applications and tips and tricks to help you reach your goals!  ​


Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Call: 269-208-7918

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