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12 Jobs that didn't exist 10 Years Ago

I can't help from noticing how many new job titles exist today that did not exist when I graduated from college. Who would think that a hobby creating Pinterest Boards could turn into a lucrative income? Or that a fascination with Social Media could be a paid activity?

One's ability to compete in the job market directly relates to the ability self-train for jobs fit for the 21st century. The skills required to do these jobs are a relentless pursuit of online followers, dedication to keeping current with changing technology, and the ability to spend a tremendous amount of time on a computer. The world wide web offers dozens of tutorials on how to get started. Below are 12 jobs that did not exist 10 years ago - however - it's likely they are here to stay.

1. Blogger - The new age way to publish your thoughts and opinions. Successful Bloggers drive traffic to a website by creating an article that generates clicks and web traffic. Very similar to what I'm doing now. :)

2. Influencer - A very good blogger! This person has successfully blogged their opinion to create a substantial influence in the marketplace. They can generate sales by recommending products and are often paid to do so.

3. Social Media Manager - This person is responsible for managing complete social profiles. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit - who can keep up? A successful Social Media Manager can navigate all social forums to create a buzz for a company. This often includes fun posts, finding bloggers and influencers, advertising, and regularly scheduling posts. In fact, some people are paid simply to talk to customers via social media pages!

4. Network Builder - For aspiring Influencers, Network Builders are engaged with expertise in strategies for growing one's digital presence. More followers, more subscribers, more influence!

5. Review Writers - If you can write a good review, then companies like Amazon, Google, and Yelp would like to hear from you! Ethically speaking, professional reviewers only provide their honest opinion of a product or service. However, if you consistently provide quality product reviews, you may be provided free goods to write a review. 6. Professional Pinner - While initially Pinterest started as a place to gather crafty ideas, it's now a place to showcase skills. Whether it is cooking, crafting, decorating, photography, travel - people turn to Pinterest for ideas. With good pins having the same effects of a quality TV commercial, Professional Pinners have ample opportunities for employment.

7. Virtual Assistant - With many busy Execs, the transition to working from home, and a reduction in the desire to hire people full-time, there is a rise in Virtual Assistants. Managing anything from email correspondence to travel plans -

8. Product Description Writer - With online sales growing to record highs each year, someone has to post the products! Product descriptions don't write themselves! Clear, crisp content can increase product search results and conversion of sales.

9. Product Lister - See above. Products don't post themselves to the web either!

10. Crowdsourcing - Crowdsourcing is when a large number of people are enlisted to work through the internet. The most famous examples are in the transportation space like Uber and Lyft.

11. SEO Expert - Also known as Search Engine Optimization, this title is becoming more commonplace - thank you Google. Advertising is expensive. The most inexpensive way to to occur in the search engines naturally. With regular changes to how search engines find websites, a good SEO Expert will be able to optimize web pages and content to increase a company's search position.

12. YouTuber - Yep, this is a real job. Successful YouTubers have an extensive online following who consistently post videos. Some videos are for profit - others are less serious. Nonetheless, this is, in fact, a job where income can be made - by creating YouTube videos.

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